AChat 3D review

AChat 3D is an online platform where users can meet, chat, and engage in virtual sex.

Put simply, this popular 3D sex game gives users the opportunity to experience their wildest sexual fantasies together with other like-minded users.

Read on to discover our full review of the AChat 3D sex game!

Achat 3D

Let’s get started and check out the game! Straightaway after the free signup, you start out by creating and customizing your avatar (male, female or shemale) and completing your profile.

It’s important to be truthful about your sexual preferences at this point, as the game features a ‘partner search’ function which allows users to find and contact their ideal sex mate.

achat 3d

Partner search

The partner search function searches the internal database and selects the best match for you from the users that are currently online.

The search takes into account a combination of criteria like sex, race, age, sexual orientation and preferences regarding fetishes and sexual positions.

Once you perform a search you can instantly see a list of people – and their avatars – who best fit your sexual preferences and are currently online. You then have the option to start a conversation with these users straightaway.

If you get along, you can immediately move on to more private setting together with one or more of these users and take it to the next level.

Sexual animations in Achat 3D

The range of possible sexual interactions is quite stunning, and each and every possible fetish is represented – you can literally have your avatar do anything, as long as all participating users are in agreement, of course.

This sex game features more than 50 positions, 3000 sex variations and thousands of outfits to select from.

Once the action starts, you can control each and every movement, you can control the speed, and you can also control the camera angles in 360° to enable you to view the action from any possible angle.

The movements and sexual actions are controlled by a series of icons representing different actions. Once selected, your avatar will perform these actions for all participants to see.

achat sex game

Ok, so what’s it going to cost me?

Time for some more good news: the Achat 3D sex game is completely free, at least for the basic version, in which you can chat with real people and have uncensored virtual sex with them.

The game does have a ‘premium’ version, which allows you to unlock the full range of character customizations, clothes, sexual accessories and sexual positions, which ill run you $9.95/month.

You can download the game for free right here. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the game, you can create your avatar.

Achat 3D sex game review: what we think

Achat 3D delivers a unique chance to explore different aspects of one’s sexuality through and online virtual avatar.

Though admittedly, the graphics are getting rather dated and definitely due for an update, the community is quite extended and seems to be quite user-friendly as well.

Most adult games have a free version, but these tend to be quite restricted for non-premium users and are intended to lure you into purchasing the full game. They might restrict you to non-sexual activities, or censure the ‘sensitive areas’ during sexual activities. Others severely hamper your social connectivity, for instance by disabling instant messaging for non-premium users.

Achat 3D does none of these things: you can join for free, use the partner search, use chat and instant messaging, and perform sexual actions with other users.

The only thing that’s restricted in the basic version is the actual range of different character customizations and sexual actions, but there is a lot to be enjoyed right there in the free version of the game.

If you’re looking for a chat platform annex 3D sex game, we definitely recommend you check out AChat 3D.

Want to give it a try? Download the game right here for free!