Girlfriends 4 ever review

Girlfriends 4 ever is an adult game that allows you to direct an encounter between the game’s two main charachters, Tara and Sayako. This game falls into the ‘futanari’ genre (I’ll explain later), which is a very popular type of hentai.

Read my full review to find out more about futanari and more specifically, Girlfriends 4 ever!

Girlfriends 4 ever

Futanari (“hermaphrodite” in Japanese), refers to pornographic characters in erotic anime (hentai). 

Affect3D has done it again! The studio is most famous for their 3D adult games and futanari gaming experience. The famous 3DX artist Miro – a specialist in futa animation – did a excellent job creating the two avatars, Tara and Sayako.

The storyline

The game is based on these two characters, Tara and Sayako. The sexy blond, Tara, also known from the other Affect3D game, Tara’s Assignments, falls in love with, mysterious brunette, Sayako.

In the beginning Tara is shy and nervous because she never had sex with another girl before, but the attraction to Sayako is too big (you’ll find out later in this review that it is not only the attraction that is big) to resist.

During the first scenes you can see that Tara is a master at cunnilingus and is really enjoying herself in this new lesbian adventure, but Sayako holds a secret, a very big secret. As the story unfolds, Tara is suddenly faced with a 15-inch dick (told you it was a big secret). Mesmerized by Sayako’s “secret” Tara quickly enjoys the best of both worlds.

girlfriends forever

What about the gameplay?

Girlfriends 4 ever basically gives you the opportunity to direct and customize your own porn movie. There are so many options to choose from, it’s ridiculous.

The menu is super interactive and “on-screen”, so it’s very user-friendly. You get to choose the story and scenes, you have 360° 3D vision so you can look at every possible angle, which is kind of unique.

You can slow down or speed up the actions, add close-ups, create and change outfits, you can even let the girls bang each other while using Xray vision. There is also a self love option, where the girls can individually masturbate. The game is filled with big objects, big cock, big titties and and last but not least the cum shower that you can put in slow-mo or even high speed.

You get to record all of your directing choices to enjoy later on or even share with fellow futa fans worldwide.

How about the graphical quality?

A lot of times in this kind of 3DX games the graphic details and sound are not that great, that is not the case for Girlfriends 4 ever. Miro outdid himself creating Tara and Sayako, the details (for exemple the sweat dripping is to die for) are amazing!

The sound is just at its best, it is very much real and that is what makes Girlfriends 4 ever so immersive. The detailing in the sound is truly astonishing.

Girlfriends 4 ever – conlusion

Girlfriends 4 ever is super interactive, sexy and fun. You get to create, direct and record Tara and Sayako in a very user-friendly way. Not only are there a bunch of sex positions to choose from, but also the amazing graphics and sound makes this game a winner in its genre.